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Why Traditional PR Doesn't Work Anymore and How to Diversify Your PR Strategy

Updated: Nov 27, 2019

Stop. Don’t freak out. Did we use a click-bait title to reel you in? Maybe a little bit. But it is also true, so don’t start putting us up there with the gossip rags. So, here’s the thing…Traditional PR does still work HOWEVER, (and there is a strong however) you can no longer rely solely on traditional PR.

Excuse me? What do you mean traditional PR

Traditional PR means we are using traditional media outlets to share brand messages. We’re talking TV, radio, newspaper and magazines. And these outlets are absolutely still viable (don’t let anybody tell you otherwise) and can help you gain incredible traction. But if you aren’t incorporating digital into your PR strategy you are doing your business a disservice. And we’re here to tell you exactly why.

Why you need to be digital

You need to be where your people are. And your people are (most likely) online. According to Hootsuite and We Are Social, Australia’s social media penetration rate is at 72% (2019) with a growth rate of 6% (2017-2018). This means that 72% of the population are active on at least one of the top social networks. And that number is growing, year on year.

It is no longer an option to be digital. It is an expectation. 60% of people consider it a bad customer experience if they don’t receive a response from a brand after reaching out and 84% expect a reply in 24 hours. Yes, even on weekends. Remember when Spiderman’s Uncle Ben said “with great power there must also come -- great responsibility” consumers expect business’ to be positive contributors to society and use their power to help people. And if you’re doing all of that but not talking about it online? Well you’re losing out on a massive audience that wants to hear you’re doing exactly that.

Building relationships online

We’re not just talking about customer relationships. Your customers are your number one priority. Actually, scratch that – number two. Your number ones are your employees. They are the roots of your business. Happy employees equal happy customers. If an employee isn’t satisfied with their job and their the ones engaging your followers… Ooof. We’re shuddering at the thought.

You can also use your online presence to build a rapport with influencers, bloggers, journalists and other business to business contacts that are going to get your brand out there. Out there to be seen by new people and people that already love you!

Embrace the 24/7 cycle

The digital world is on a 24/7 clock. That means online media sources require stories 24/7. That means opportunity. We’re not going to say it’s easier to get an earned media story online. Getting earned media coverage on any platform is incredibly difficult because one, you’re asking for it for free, two you have a lot, we mean A LOT of competition and three the story must be of interest to that platforms target audience. At the end of the day, they are also a business. So do your homework and do it well (you can start by reading our blog on how to write a press release that doesn’t go straight into the trash inbox).

You can also approach business’ digitally for publishing on traditional media. There are many benefits to this. Speed, direct delivery, cost efficiency. It is important to be conscious of journalists’ deadlines and needs if this is the case. Newspapers won’t hold printing to wait for your story. Radio loves a good soundbite and TV needs those visual elements.

Best bang for your buck

The digital space is without a doubt the best bang for your buck. Social media platforms are free so there really is no excuse for you to not be incorporating it as one of your brands many touchpoints. And with so many free apps like Canva, Lightroom mobile and Planoly your social media game can look and be planned to perfection.

All about those metrics

We love metrics! This is the biggest win for digital PR. You can know exactly how many clicks you’ve received from a certain post, or conversions or engagement. It’s so much easier to measure than traditional media. With traditional media your measurement of success is generally based off the advertising value equivalent (AVE) but while a media outlets readership may be in the thousands it’s difficult to pinpoint how many people stopped and read your story.

Digital PR is in your future

Digital PR is in your future. Placed right next to your success. It’s a 24/7 touchpoint for your customers that is cost efficient and measurable and in our opinion, necessary.

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