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What do you do when Facebook Ads goes down?

Have your Facebook Ads been playing up recently? Well you’re not alone, it seems to have been a platform-wide problem in the last couple of weeks. With ad accounts being disabled, payments not going through and a myriad of other issues, the tried and true method of Facebook Ads was not cutting it anymore. So, what do you do in that situation? Are there other paid promotion methods? What about increasing your organic reach?

Now while there are factors that are out of your control, it is time to regroup with your team and discuss how to best optimise your advertising when Facebook Ads is up and running again, and what you should be doing to keep yourself sailing through if an incident was to occur again. It is important to come up with posts and advertising that will be effective in enticing and satisfying your target audience. What might that be? Well we have a few suggestions to help you get started.

It is all about organic reach, without the organic reach and engagement, when paid promotion is no longer working, you are a dead in the water, and no one wants that. It is vital that you make your content enticing and shareable. To do this you need to know what your audience is interested in, and to find that out you need to know what is relevant to your demographic due to their age, location, gender, level of education and even what TV shows they are watching, pop culture is something that is so important to harness, if you aren’t wired into the simple things that people are talking about over the water cooler, it becomes a lot more difficult to feel like another friend on their feed.

After finding your audience it is important to know what kind of content works. Evergreen content is a good place to start. Making content that doesn’t have an expiration date it can always be shared, but also keep in mind that you don’t want to have everything evergreen, it is also important to be up to date with current trends. A happy balance of long lasting and current posts is something everyone should strive to have ready to go. Video content is always a high engagement tool, so this is the perfect time to dig into your archives and pull it out. Keep in mind when filming video content the repurposing opportunities for later down the track so you’re ready to go. When making video content it is important that it looks appealing from the first frame, even without sound, so it has a higher chance of engagement.

When it comes to organic reach you have to think about competition. You need to fight for your audience’s attention. And how do you do this? By showing off what makes you different from the rest. Standing out and flaunting it, you need to have visual and written content that shows why that defining factor makes you the best choice for your audience.

When coming up with actual content to produce, it is important to keep in mind all the new and exciting features popping up in the Facebook App, like the Facebook messenger bot, 360-degree videos and photos, which allows you to show a full 360 panoramic shot, which allows you to capture anything from your office environment to events you are organising and even just a group shot. Video in Facebook can now still be watched in a miniplayer while scrolling through your feed, which encourages more people to invest in video content watching, and Facebook stories, the IG story equivalent, allows you to showcase your day-to-day right at the top of your followers’ feeds. Another new and exciting option is Facebook offers, which allows businesses with a business page to create and share coupons, discounts and different promotional offers on their page. Offer Ads are able to work alongside your usual Facebook Ad campaigns and you can track how well they are performing.

Facebook Ads being down doesn’t mean you need to be down too. By regrouping, reimagining and branching out in your social media and Facebook usage, you can bounce back stronger than ever, with a larger organic presence on your audience’s feeds, and better and more creative ideas flowing across all your channels. Don’t let a technological mishap ruin your mood, take the time to reflect, improve and thrive!

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