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Updated: Nov 27, 2019

Brand Misdirection? or Brand direction?

Is your branding communicating your product or service effectively?

If not, then you might just need a style guide…

So you might be thinking hmmmm… but isn’t that for really large companies?

No, they’re not.

If you think about it, a style guide is just a fancy name for a guide. It’s purpose is to help keep all your internal business administration consistent to your branding.

It’s actually really important for small to medium sized businesses, as you generally don’t have a graphic designer to do every part of your business collateral. You usually get us to do your larger marketing such as; flyers, signage, printing, website and digital advertising.  But what about your general emails, estimates, invoices and smaller promotions? What font is consistent to your brand and what colours do you use? 

What could possibly go wrong?

Argh… the horror of when us highly visual/ over the top graphic designers see a business using the font, comic sans!  

It’s just a font right? No! it’s not just a font.

Side note: Here is the actual story of this font… what it’s purpose was:

Why is it so important to get the font correct?

Well for starters, when you go to a brand strategist or graphic designer we design your logo, but we ALSO think about how your logo will work with complimentary fonts (for editorials, letters, flyers etc.)  We think about the font's readability/does it communicate your brand?

When I see a Plumber that has Geoff’s Plumbing Service written in Comic Sans font.. I think to myself "he must be funny? He must come and fix your toilet and throw in a 5 minute comedy set about plumbing?"  Maybe that’s just me… 

Yes, I know you may think I’m over the top but it’s simply visual communication.

Before you get a chance to speak to anyone about your business (to explain your why to them) they usually see your logo first, your business card, website etc. If it all doesn’t make sense, or line up consistently, it just doesn’t communicate the right message. If it looks a little unfinished and mismatched, this also represents your business badly. The potential customer may not think you are reputable or not put their credit card through your checkout online. You want to look, professional, streamlined and organised.

Getting a style guide fixes this.

So what is it?

Well depending on the size of your business or company… it’s basically a visual document that shows you:

- Your main logo file and sub logo variations to use

- The font of your logo and then complimentary fonts to use

- Your brand colours in CMYK, RGB and Spot Colour

- Possible example photos to use in your future marketing to give you direction

- Sizing points, minimum size of fonts to use, minimum size the logo can be used

- Patterns, textures and backgrounds to use

- Social media icons that we have designed to match your branding

- Possible layouts to use for internal documents

- Company uniforms, packaging and signage.

What are the real benefits for you? As a business owner or company director?

It keeps all staff members, freelancers and contractors in clear communication on what the brand’s colours, fonts, logo etc are to be used so your brand is cohesiveIt ensures that all printing and digital advertising has the correct colour paletteStop’s you guessing what font’s might be good for this quick ad? Social media post? Newsletter? Email?It’s a great visual way to show new team members your brand plan.

I hope you have found this info relevant and informative.

If you have a business that needs some brand love or a style guide, like the above? Contact me for a chat. ☺

Author Bio

Saffron Meade

At Saffron & Co Creative we can help you and your business with brand strategy, custom logo design, printed collateral, digital marketing (social media, website, e-newsletters, animated graphics). We don’t just design. We design for your ideal customers so we strategically design your marketing so it actually works for you. Combining years of working with business owners and companies… we know what you need.

We make it a fun experience where your success is equally ours and we help you along the way.

If you want to know more about Saffron & Co Creative you can stalk them


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