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It’s All in a Good Story

Over 4 billion people use social media across the world, and of those 4 billion, 1.5 billion of those are on Instagram, so if you aren’t using IG for your business you’re missing out on a lot of potential customers. Knowing what platforms to use and how to use them to get that ZING we all want for our business is just half the battle, you NEED to know how to capture the most amount of attention while using Instagram to avoid being washed away in the sea of choice. This is why you need a good story game! Look its all in the numbers, 68% of Instagram users are more interested in a product and brand when they see it in an Instagram story.

Every Business Starts with a Great Story

Instagram Stories allow you to share ‘moments’, snapshots of your day, and they are gone within 24 hours, exclusive content for your followers (which can also be added to your profile as highlights if you want to keep it as a showreel of just how fab you really are). The best part of Instagram Stories is that there is really no algorithm to beat, they are always at the top of the feed, unlike regular posts. Instagram Stories are proven to increase engagement, increase brand awareness and increase website traffic. Unsure where to start and what to post? We are here to help.

Get up close and personal

Show your faves! It is important to be a little personal in your stories, it makes people feel close to you, that they are getting exclusive content, and this is important when building rapport with your client base. By showing what TV shows you watch, what is current on the office playlist, what your favourite books and podcasts are and recommending products you enjoy, just like you would to a friend while catching up. This builds stronger relationships with those you want to be invested in you and your business.

Exclusivity Baby

Showing exclusive content shouldn’t just stop at this though, it is important to show the behind the scenes of the business side of your brand. Day in a Life story content is a great way to do this. Go about a regular day-to-day and take your followers along with you, capturing when you get your morning coffee, to client meetings, to office lunches with your work crew! All of this content will help people see what you are about, and again, make them feel like they are a part of the action. When sharing behind the scenes content it is a great idea to share your knowledge, be industry relevant and go into depth about your processes, why the way you do what you do is what everyone should be doing.

It’s a two-way street

Stories are the most interactive way to reach out to your followers, by using the in-app stickers to create polls you have a quick and easy way to have a conversation with your customers and clients and get feedback and information about what they like and don’t like, about your business and just in general. This type of interaction helps you understand your target audience. “This or That” polls can be as simple as MAFS vs The Bachelor, or they can be brand related like what colour they prefer your brand logo to be, this collaborative effort between brand and client is a great way to build loyalty with your client base and them feel invested in your brand. You can also use the poll feature with the “Day in your life” story day as a fun interactive “choose your own adventure” type story with your followers, ask them to choose between where you eat, what playlist you listen to in the office etc. Another story feature is the Q&A sticker, that can allow you to get written responses to questions you pose to followers.

With all these amazing ways to use stories, and more and more happening with every new Insta update, you can be sure to find a way to connect with your people to benefit you and your brand in new ways. Stories boost brand awareness, reach and engagement, and let’s not forget the most important part, they are fun, so have fun with it!

Tag us in your stories so we can see what you’re up to @crownedpr.perth.

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