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Is it time to redo your website?

Did you know it takes 10 seconds to make an impression? Yes everyone will judge a website by its cover, making your web design super important!

The difference between good and bad web design is how long a user takes to decide whether or not it is worth continuing on, you want to gain their attention for minutes, not seconds and this means clearly communicating your brand, so it is love at first site.

So, what factors can create an eye-catching website, one that people will consider reliable and interesting enough to use for an extended period and go back to regularly. The first major factor is website speed. This Is the first impression you make, and the more graphics, widgets and content you add the slower your speed becomes so there is a fine line to walk between creativity and speed.

People want to scroll, every common social media app uses infinite scrolling, and with an increase in people using the web on mobile devices compared to desktop, it is important to cater to this. This means you need to keep the images, testimonials and awesome content flowing through the entire page and not just the part of the website that people see when the page first loads.

Use videos! An introductory video to your website can help people understand your brand in a short amount of time, and people enjoy visual content. The faster you can get information across, the better, because as we said, people will decide whether you are worth it within the first 10 seconds.

Leave white space! Don’t overwhelm your website viewers with too much content piled onto one page, leave some breathing space. You want breaks between paragraphs, not large chunks of words, and too many photos, including advertising is overwhelming and will get rid of viewers quickly. The cleaner looking the design, the better.

Highlighting engaging content is the key to your success. You need your landing page to have a hook that leaves people wanting more, wanting to explore your site. Using relevant buzz words that intrigue people are important when creating your landing page and for SEO.

We weren’t kidding, more and more people only use mobile to access content, which means you need to optimise your site! How does your web page look on mobile and desktop? Do they look good on both? Or do you need to change the layout of the mobile version to make it more user friendly?

So, are you happy with your layout? And more importantly are your users happy with it? If you think you need more help with creating a site for all eyes we can help. Our web developers are here to create the website of your dreams.

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