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Are you still concentrating on what makes your business great?

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

In the world we live in now, it is crucial to have amazing socials to not just get ahead of the pack, just to stay relevant and in front of your competitors. Having an effective social media concept and plan is some of the most important marketing you can be doing to boost your business, but having kick arse socials while managing your day to day business and maintaining a healthy work/life balance is a difficult task.

We are here to help.

Having Facebook Creator and other third-party sites to help schedule your posts can relieve some of the stress but taking the time to come up with a creative concept and design to make your feed look amazing is time consuming in itself. Consistent posting is a great way to build a following, but it is important to know the when’s, what’s and why’s. A theme that represents your brand, to help with brand recall, that includes tone, message and colour scheme it a must. Trust us, the aesthetics are vital, especially on Instagram when the market you are competing with for attention is picture perfect Instagram influencers.

With a range of social media platforms and ever changing trends popping up it is hard to keep up with it all when you are focusing on perfecting your business and keeping your regular customers and clients happy. As a small business it is a mammoth amount of work to try and post 4-8 times a week on multiple sites, trying to come up with creative and original content, researching and participating in trends to bring in views and visits on top of everything else with such a small team of people.

Having to think of all these things, on top of an already busy working week, means that a lot of businesses now are either hiring in-house social media manager and strategists, or seeking out help from social media management professionals. By having a third party in charge of your social media management it allows you and your team to focus on what truly matters, your customers, their concerns and needs and how to make your business and product as amazing as it can possibly be.

Our team can take not only the stress away, but also the uncertainty of what you’re doing. We specialise in making your socials work harder, from the branding to the analytics we do it all. Making sure the personality of you and your business shine through on your socials, while also coming up with creative ideas for you and your team to participate in to build social followings on a range of social media platforms. With us handling your social media, including analytics, creating and scheduling posts for your socials every week, coordinating and designing photography and video content, you now have time to be social and have the perfect work hard play hard life balance as you leave the social media stress behind!

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