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5 Tips to Increase Organic Reach on Facebook

When trying to craft an online presence it is difficult to know where to start, especially when it’s a marketing activity and your business is on the line. We have compiled a list of simple tips to help you on your journey to organically increasing your stats and returns.

1. Optimise your social media profile – your pages @ handle (on Facebook and everywhere else) should match and have an easy to remember name, you don’t want extra fluff that can confuse people. If your business name is already taken add your city to the end of your handle. (Ex. You will find us on insta as @crownedprperth). You should also have a simple logo/profile picture, too much noise, again, can be confusing and unappealing. Use keywords in your profile description, it should be short and to the point and have a link to your website.

2. Post ‘evergreen’ content– Evergreen content refers to posts that don’t get old, no expiration date, content that is both funny and informative to your target audience. While it is important to engage in topics/trends that are in right now it is equally important to build your profile up with content that is useful and interesting ALL of the time, so when people are scrolling through your feed they are always engaged, and the content you are making can be shared months and even years after you have first published it.

3. Use targeting to maximise potential organic reach on posts – check out your insights and get familiar with things like gender, education, age, location, first language, marital status, socioeconomic status, and the interests of the people regularly viewing your posts as well as the market you are trying to reach and cater to those people. By doing this, your content is more likely to make it into their feeds just through the algorithm picking up that they are interested in what you are putting down.

4. Hit your peak- Even though posting during peak online times may seem like the prime time to publish, it may actually be to your benefit to post during the “off” times, the slower movement on everyone’s feed will help your posts show as there is less competition for new content, for Facebook, this is generally between lunch and school pick-up (1-3PM) and later in the week (Thurs-Fri).

5. What should you be posting?What gets the most organic views? Well it’s our old faithful,video. It is also important to remember that natively published videos and content will do better than links taken from sites outside of Facebook, so choose to upload videos over linking them from sites like YouTube (unless your goal is to drive traffic to your YouTube channel!).

Engage with followers and encourage engagement on your posts by asking questions, when having regular consumers of your content comment and interact, your posts will be seen in the feeds of their friends/followers. Have a good mix of sales and information, people don’t just want to be sold something all the time, in fact, it makes people less likely to want to buy your product/service. And finally, use keywords that are searched not only within Facebook but also on Google, this will bring in additional traffic to your posts. Put these into action and start reaping the rewards of what social media can do for your business.

More questions? DM us or check out our socials for more daily tips and tricks.

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