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10 Ways to increase engagement on your Facebook page

Creating a strong online presence for your brand is so important in our digital world, but actually getting your audience to engage can be a daunting task with ever changing Facebook algorithms.

Increasing Facebook Engagement with Crowned PR

Here are 10 fail safe practices to increase Facebook engagement and strengthen your brand.

1. Make your brand personality shine | Every business owner should know everything about their ideal customer. This extends to exactly what kind of content he or she would like to see in their news feed and the overall voice of your brand.

2. Use high quality images | Facebook is a visual platform and an analysis of more than 100 million Facebook updates over a three-month period revealed that updates with images enjoyed 2.3 times more engagement than those without, according to a BuzzSumo study.

Try not to rely too heavily on stock photos, producing your own original content will do a much better job of helping people get to know your brand.

3. Don't over complicate | The old K.I.S.S saying resonates with social media. Use straightforward language within content that is easy for your target audience to digest.

4. Share industry content | Sharing relevant videos, blog posts or content from pages with a large following can be a great way to increase traffic.

5. Foster follower relationships | If your followers take the time to engage with you by commenting on a post, return the favour with a response of your own.

Replies have become an expectation in the social media space, people respect brands that respond within 4 hours of commenting. Timely responses can be a fast game-changer to brands.

6. Know what's working | Take the time to look through the data facebook collects for you. Find out what kind of posts your followers are commenting on and sharing with their networks then build on that when developing your content plan.

7. Leverage video content | There is over 100 million hours of video watched on Facebook everyday. Creating original content for your business can be achieved with little more than a smartphone.

8. Perfect your timing | There is plenty of general information about what times and what days are likely to deliver the highest level of engagement, but you can't beat personal data.

9. Watch you post length | People don't respond to massive walls of text. The studies show that the optimal post length is between 40 - 80 characters.

10. Be engaging | I'm sure after reading this post this one seems redundant. However if your posts don't include a call to action, how will your followers know what you want them to do?

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