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We elevate brands

At Crowned PR, we’re more than publicity machines. PR is changing and expanding, and we’re driving the movement in Perth. We work in synchronicity with our clients to expertly blend marketing, advertising, and public relations to make wishes come true.

We may be a little magic

but we’re not quite fairy godmothers. Because PR that works – it’s a collaborative process. We help you meet objectives: you have an aim in mind and we help you achieve it. So, what’s possible?


We believe in brands and the people behind them. We believe in events that change the status quo. We believe in brands so strong we not only attract you clients and customers, but we create raving brand advocates that sell for you. We believe in joining forces to, well,


"If I just promise you Crowned PR is magic, would that be enough? ... I was fairly good at making my own noise before finding Crowned PR but their professional direction and strategy lead me through a paved-with-gold shortcut I would have never known existed. As a bonus, the conversations with Lucy completely changed my perceptions on media, PR, brand, and the basket I was ready to throw all my eggs into.

I didn’t expect PR to be so
full of fun, to be honest, and to tie in so closely to everything I believe as a business owner and brand builder. I am sure not only my own business, but also my copy services, have been positively impacted by Lucy’s concepts around branding and community connection. And I have a clear and fairy-light-filled pathway to follow to take the next steps into worldwide copywriting domination". - Jay Crispcrow, Crisp Copy

“Thank you so much for everything!! It was great to have you on board with the project, cannot thank you enough.

We celebrated our first birthday event over the weekend for the Wonder Women Project and Crowned PR was our official PR representative. Lucy is professional, not once been hesitant to offer advice and recommendations across all aspects of the event, offering support and direction as well as helping to run the event smoothly. It was been such a delight to work with you, we highly recommend Crowned PR's services.

Thank you for being involved in the Wonder Women Project" - Mastura Koelmeyer, Founder of Wonder Women Project

Crowned PR specialises in layering brand stories and having them heard far and wide. We’re a bespoke Perth PR agency armed with a magic wand and a very smart team. From social media services to brand and public relations consulting, we’ve also managed some pretty spectacular events and collaborated with some of Perth’s best.


Wonder Women Project - First birthday event

Brands we have waved our magic wand over

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